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Behind the Mic: Sports Scheduling

We hear from our viewers quite often, either by email or at the various stadiums we visit each weekend, and, happily, for the most part the comments are quite complimentary. But as they say, you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please everybody all of the time. That seemed to be the case this past Monday when I returned to the office after a weekend at Harvard to do the Lafayette game. There were two e-mails in my inbox complaining that we have had the Easton Red Rovers on too much and were concentrating on the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference at the expense of … [Continue Reading ...]

The SportsTalk Shop: Analyzing the “Big East”

The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference’s first football regular season is heading down the home-stretch with several “big” (Class 4A) schools all looking impressive and making a run for the District XI playoffs. Here we take a look at some of the top teams in this category so far this season (we’ll take a look at the smaller schools in an upcoming blog post). STROUDSBURG The Mountaineers proved their mettle with a hard-fought win in an “interesting” back-and-forth contest with previously undefeated, league-favorite Bethlehem Catholic last … [Continue Reading ...]

Behind the Mic: Day of Rest?

I am at my breaking point!! Wasn’t there a time when Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest? Well, not anymore. The television gurus (or, should I say, ogres) have taken it upon themselves to create mass viewer angina and, I’m pretty certain, even greater internal household turmoil. This past Sunday may have been the worst. I always DVR “Sunday Morning” on CBS. It comes on at 9:00 AM and my wife and I learn something new and interesting every week. It’s such a relaxing show. We save it for evening viewing at some point during the week, just the two of us. At this point, there is … [Continue Reading ...]